Celebakes Egg Yellow Gel Color: 8.5oz

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Use Celebakes egg yellow gel color for dying frosting, icing, whipped toppings, fondant, cake batter, cookie dough and more. This 8.5 oz squeeze tube of egg yellow food coloring is the perfect size for bakers and cake decorators! Make sure to check out all of the food coloring we carry so you can pick the best for your project.

COUNT: 8.5 oz tube

NOTE: This is a water based food coloring and should not be used in chocolate or candy melts

TIP: Color will vary depending on how much dye you use. Start with a little and add more until you get the desired results. Some colors will darken as they set up. We usually dye frosting a little ahead a time so it can rest for a bit before using them and to double check that the color is the right shade.

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