Product FAQ's


Counts of cupcake liners are approximate. Small packs are hand counted and although we are careful you may receive a couple more or a couple less on occasion. We aim to be spot on but sometimes they stick together! Bulk packs of 500 are approximate as they are packed by weight.

If you have a concern about a certain cupcake liner style please contact us if you feel you need more details than our product listings provide. We stock a variety of cupcake liners from different manufacturers. The paper texture, thickness and how cupcakes bake in them can vary.

Cupcake liners that have white in them will look different when unstacked or cake is baked in them (unless you order foil liners or our stay bright cupcake liners). Lighter cakes work best in most of the liners we carry. All cake batters can react differently to the liners and can vary in appearance after they are baked in. Our foil and stay bright cupcake liners hold the color the best after baking. Please note if you are using foil liners some color may bleed onto your pan. It depends on the pan, its finish and if there is any. To help prevent this start with clean grease-free pans that are thoroughly dry before you add the cupcake liners.

View our Cupcake Baking Tips page for additional details.

How are cupcake liners measured? The dimensions of cupcake liners are the measurements of the base and wall height (calculated at the angle from the bottom of the liner to the top) and are stated in each listing. There may be differences in the top width dimension as different manufacturers use different presses to form the liners. Most listed as "standard size" will conform to a standard size cupcake baking pan. The texture of the paper may vary between the varieties of liners we carry.

What are greaseproof liners? Cupcake liners labeled basic greaseproof are designed to keep oils from penetrating the paper. This however doesn’t mean the colors will stay as vibrant after baking. When using basic greaseproof cupcake liners we suggest baking light cakes or placing them in a second cupcake liner after baking for presentation purposes.

What are Color Block stay bright liners? Stay bright cupcake liners are also greaseproof, but they were created with specialty paper and ink designed to retain the color even after baking! The colors stay more vibrant and the white stays bright for most cupcake batters. We have found that some of the cake may show through slightly with dark chocolate or brownie cupcakes, but filling the liners just before baking can help alleviate this. If you are baking for a large event please do a small test batch first to see how your batter will react in the liners.

NEW: S&T BakeBright™ Cupcake Liners have been added to our shop in 1/2016. They are the color block liners taken to the next level. They are made of 3x thicker paper and are slightly taller than before. They still fit standard size cupcake baking pans but give you a few extra bites. Due to the thicker paper there are some modifications recommended during baking and storing which we state in each listing.


Our paper straws will hold up for hours in cold beverages without getting too soggy or unraveling. As a test we left some in a drink for a couple of days and they were a bit soggy but still all together so they should hold up just fine for your party or event!


We carry a great line of decorated wooden utensils, candy scoops, painted rock candy sticks and a few other items that are all decorated by us. Although we are careful, placement and finish of the detail may vary slightly from shown. Wooden items can vary slightly in shade, have wood grain or may have small imperfections. This is the nature of working with a natural item. We do our best to select the best stock to use in production.

We offer multiple sizes on our wooden utensils. Please read product listings careful to see the dimensions so you order the correct size for your needs. We do not accept returns if the wrong size is ordered. We include a product scale chart in each listing so you can see the utensils next to each other to help give you a better idea of scale.


Our sprinkles, marshmallows, edible toppings and candies are sold by jar size, NOT weight of the sprinkle. Each listing states the volume by measure of what each size jar holds. Each sprinkle style weighs something different.

Those with food allergies should not consume any of our sprinkles or edible items. They are manufactured in facilities where allergens such as nuts, soy, dairy, gluten and other food allergens may be. None of the suppliers we work with have allergen free sprinkles available, sorry! If the listing does not state ingredients and you need them please contact us.

Email us if you would like more information about bulk orders.


Products including, but not limited to, cupcake liners, paper straws and paper favor bags may vary slightly as all computer monitors show colors differently. Dye lots may vary during the printing process effecting the shade of a color between batches. Colors between different products can vary as well. Example; all the products referred to as "light aqua" may not be the same exact shade if you are ordering a variety of different products.

Pricing & typo's:

We are not responsible for pricing errors or typos that may be in listings. We do our best to state the most accurate information as possible and try to catch any typos or errors before publishing a listings or anywhere on our website. If something looks off please contact us. We are human and an occasional typo can happen.