Cupcake Baking Tips


1.) Always start with clean, grease-free cupcake pans. We suggest Dawn Dish Liquid specifically for bakeware. This detergent prevents grease build up that can happen over time. 

2.) Only fill the cupcake liners just before you place them in the oven. This will prevent moisture from settling into the liners. Many liners are made of grease resistant paper, but it is still paper and not immune to moisture. This is especially true when using dark cake batters. 

3.) Humidity and under-baking are the biggest reason for a "soggy looking" liners after baking. Under-baking is the most common issue which can be prevented. Humidity on the other hand can get the best of even the most experienced bakers! 

4.) Once your cupcakes are done baking and you've taken them out of the oven you must immediately remove them from the cupcake pan and place them on a cooling rack. If you let them sit in the baking pan condensation will begin within minutes as the cupcakes cool. This will lead to wet and soggy looking cupcake liners. A cooling rack allows the cupcakes to cool at a natural pace and allows air to properly circulate so the cupcake paper stays dry. 

5.) All paper liners will change slightly in appearance after baking. For best results in paper liners we suggest our BakeBright Liners which have their own baking tips below and have good results with white or darker cakes. For darker cakes it's best to use the BakeBright liners, dark liners such as black or brown or foil liners since baking will not affect their colors.

6.) Cupcakes should be baked not too far in advance from when you need them and should not be stored in a sealed airtight container, especially plastic. If you need to store your cupcakes a paper bakery box is best. In some cases, if you've made a very moist cake you may need to leave the lid cracked on the box as well. There is a reason many bakeries backed pastries and baked goods in paper bags or boxes as they allow air flow and circulation to help pastries not get soggy.

BAKING RECOMMENDATIONS for BakeBright cupcake liners: Bake for an additional 3-5 minutes due to the thick taller paper that takes more batter. For best results fill 2/3 of the way with batter. Cool in pan for 5 minutes before removing to a cooling rack. Do not store in a sealed container (especially plastic) as that can cause moisture buildup and cause the liners to pull away from the cake. Storing in a paper bakery box is best and leave the lid cracked if it is humid where you are. If you are baking a large amount or for an event we recommend doing a test bake so you know how these liners will work with your batter and can see how you might need to make some adjustments prior to the big day. Not recommended if you live in a climate that is very humid. Humidity can cause the liners to separate from the cake after baking.

If you have a concern about a certain cupcake liner style please contact us if you feel you need more details than our product listings or this page provides. We stock a variety of cupcake liners from different manufacturers. The paper texture, thickness and how cupcakes bake in them can vary. Liners that have white in them will look different after baking (unless you are using foil liners or BakeBright liners). Lighter cakes work best in most of the liners we carry. For the standard cupcake liners you can place the baked cupcake in a second liner after baking if you want the pattern to show. This will give the cupcakes a fanned look with the outer liner and is a personal preference, some like it and others may not. If you add a second liner to a cupcake you've baked there is nothing that will hold the 2 liners together, again this is mostly done for display purposes.

Although we'd like to, we cannot control how batter bakes or reacts to the liners we carry. We recommend ordering a single pack of the liners you wish to bake with and making a test batch if you are baking for an event so you can see how the liners react to the recipe you are making. We do not take returns or exchanges on any of our items as stated on our policies page.

Happy Baking & Creating!

Esther & Shauna