Sugarfetti™ Sprinkle Mix: Intergalactic


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Our Sugarfetti™ Sprinkle Mix in our special edition Intergalactic blend is full of pretty sugars, nonpareils, tiny sprinkles and edible glitter. This orange and pink sprinkle mix is made with a variety of shades of soft pink, orange, blue and white with silver accents. Our sprinkle mix was made to coordinate with the new Stickies™ Outer Space Edible Stickers in the Intergalactic theme. These two products will make you sweet cookies, cupcakes or cake decorating super easy and fun!

NOTE: Each of our special sprinkle mixes vary and can appear slightly different than shown. We reserve the right to change or add to the mix at any time. The photo is a general representation.

Sizes available:
- 4 oz jar (approx. 1/2 cup)
- 8 oz jar (approx. 1 cup)
- 16 oz jar (approx 2 cups)

STORING YOUR SPRINKLES: It is best to keep sprinkles stored in a cool dry place out of sunlight. Light can cause some styles of sprinkles to fade. Sprinkles generally have a 1- 2 year "best by" and the sparkling and sanding sugars can last even longer.

NEED MORE: Multiple quantities are available. If you need more than you are able to add to your cart please email us and we would be happy to check our stock.

Those with food allergies should not consume our edible items as they are produced in facilities where food allergens can be.

Have more questions: see our shipping, general & product FAQ pages.

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