Soft Disposable Piping Bags

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Use Ateco soft disposable piping bags to make clean up a breeze when decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies! These bags are made of thick plastic that is flexible and not slippery to the touch like other piping bags. Dye your frosting ahead of time with our food coloring and store it in the disposable pastry bags fit with the frosting tip of your choice. These bags work with both standard and jumbo size icing tips since you simply snip of the end to the size you need. Find more piping bags and our large variety of frosting tips here.

COUNT: 10 count

SIZE: 12"

NOTE: Made of thick FDA approved plastic (.0045" LLDPE) in the USA and intended for one time use, but can be used a couple times with gentle washing. These piping bags can be used with hot or cold foods. Frosting tips are sold separately.

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