Small White Baking Cups

Small white baking cups are perfect for baking wedding cupcakes, brownies or muffins. They also work well for a small ice cream scoop, berries or even quiche These baking cups are free standing so you can place them on a cookie sheet to bake, not muffin pan required. These are very close to the size of standard cupcake liners and are heavy duty so cakes never show through even after baking! We also carry this style baking cup in brown here.

COUNT: 25 baking cups

SIZE: 3" top, 1.75" base, 1.25" wall height

NOTE: These baking cups are oven safe, grease proof and work well with light or dark colored cakes.They are thick baking cups that are free standing that do not peel away like cupcake liners. You can eat out of them and since they have an easy release lining once whatever you have baked in them cools they do generally pop out easily.

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