Pastel Rainbow Cupcake Liners: Swirl Stripe

Use pastel rainbow cupcake liners with swirl stripes to make pretty birthday party cupcakes! The color stays bright even after baking cupcakes or muffins in these foil lined cupcake liners. We have limited stock so grab them while you can!

COUNT: approx 36 cupcake liners

SIZE: standard size with 2" base with 1.25" sides.

NOTE: When purchasing multiple sets of cupcake liners they will come packaged together in one bag.

Visit our cupcake baking tips page for best practices and more information about our cupcake liners.

NEED MORE: Multiple quantities are available. If you need more than you are able to add to your cart please email us and we would be happy to check our stock.

Have more questions: see our shipping, general & product FAQ pages.

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