Mini Boys Rainbow Lollipop Sticks (3 1/2")

10 available

Mini boys rainbow lollipop sticks in our 3.5" size are popular for chocolate lollipops, mini cake pops, to use as treat sticks for brownie bites and even fruit! You can even use the sticks to make your own cupcake picks by attaching stickers or a decoration to them. These sticks come in a mix of red, orange, yellow, lime green, dark blue and dark purple.


SIZE: 3.5" x 5/32 inches.
*NOT suitable for hard candy lollipops.

NOTE: The plastic sticks are hollow and made of food safe plastic. Not meant for oven use or hard candy mix.

NEED MORE: Multiple quantities are available. If you need more than you are able to add to your cart please email us and we would be happy to check our stock.

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