Merry & Bright Christmas Sprinkle Set

Use our merry and bright Christmas sprinkle set with nonpareils, quins, and sanding sugar to decorate cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and more! This set comes with 4 jars of sprinkles, offering a variety of options for any sweets and treats you can think up!

Our sprinkles sets are available in 2 ounce jars or 4 ounce jars. Select your size at checkout and save when purchasing the 4 ounce set!

Each set contains a jar of (shown left to right):
-merry and bright nonpareil sprinkles mix
-merry and bright mini polka dot quin sprinkles mix
-merry and bright sanding sugar mix
-snowflake quin sprinkles

NOTE: Our sprinkles jar sizes are by measure not weight which is why we list how much you approximately get per jar in tablespoons. Weight varies depending on the sprinkle style.

STORING YOUR SPRINKLES: It is best to keep sprinkles stored in a cool dry place out of sunlight. Light can cause some styles of sprinkles to fade. Sprinkles generally have a 1- 2 year "best by" and the sparkling and sanding sugars can last even longer.

NEED MORE: Multiple quantities are available. If you need more than you are able to add to your cart please email us and we would be happy to check our stock.

*Those with food allergies should not consume our edible items as they are produced in facilities where food allergens can be.

Have more questions: see our shipping and FAQ pages.

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