LorAnn Hard Candy Mix

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LorAnn hard candy mix is great for making shaped candies, lollipops, sea glass candy and more! It is easy to mix and use and comes with instructions on the back of the box. We also carry candy molds, flavor oils, food coloring and packaging for all your hard candy making needs!

FYI: Marked down due to being past its best by date (which is not an expiration date), they are still good to use.

NOTE: Due to weight this item has to ship priority mail in the USA. We can fit a few in a flat rate box so if you purchase multiples you might get a shipping refund depending on the flat rate box we can use to ship.

COUNT: 19 oz box

Kosher, Gluten Free, Made in USA

NOTE: This mix can only be used with our hard candy molds. If making lollipops only our paper lollipop sticks are suitable for the high temperature. The plastic sticks are for chocolate lollipops only.

TIPS: We used this to make some hard candy lollipops in our 2" size round hard candy lollipop mold. It easier to prepare half of the mixture at a time since it cools quickly. A half batch made around six 2" size lollipops filled to the top of the mold. Coconut oil was used to lightly grease the mold and it worked well. Let the pops cool completely before removing from the mold. We found that pops left to cool overnight were harder to remove from the mold and small pieces broke off.

NEED MORE: Multiple quantities are available. If you need more than you are able to add to your cart please email us and we would be happy to check our stock.

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