Free Gift With Qualifying Purchase

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Only for our newsletter subscribers!

Newsletter subscribers read and follow the instructions below to claim your free gift if your order qualifies.

Promo time frame: 11/27/20 from the time our newsletter is mailed until 12/4/20 or until the stock runs out, whichever happens first. Stock is limited.

TERMS FOR FREE GIFT: To claim your free gift you must place an order in our shop during the promo time frame as stated above PLUS spend $50+ in our shop after any discounts and before shipping. Add this listing to your cart so the free gift item is shown on your order to claim your gift. This keeps track of stock and flags us to include the free gift in your order.

NOTE: One free gift per order/customer. We reserve the right to not include the free gift if your order does not qualify with our terms and promo time frame. Quantities are limited which is why you need to add the listing to your cart with the gift you are claiming. Only orders that qualify and have added the listing to their order will receive the free gift.

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