Brown Cupcake Liners: Chevron

Use our stay bright brown cupcake liners in chevron print for baking cupcakes and muffins in any flavor! These are high quality grease proof cupcake liners, so the colors remain vibrant after baking and most cakes won't show through! Find standard cupcake liners in other colors and patterns here.

COUNT: 50 cupcake liners

SIZE: standard size, 2" base with 1.25" sides

NOTE: Stay bright cupcake liners are made with food safe paper and ink. When purchasing multiple sets of cupcake liners they will come packaged together in one bag. Stop by our cupcake Baking Tips Page for more information on our liners, tips and best baking practices.

NEED MORE: Multiple quantities are available. If you need more than you are able to add to your cart please email us and we would be happy to check our stock.

Have more questions: see our shipping, general & product FAQ pages.

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