Stickies™ Valentine Edible Stickers: Ps I Love You

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Use Stickies™ Valentine edible stickers to decorate cupcakes, cookie, cakes and chocolate. These PS I love you Stickies™ will help you easily decorate your celebration sweets! They're trendy designer edible stickers that look like stickers, are flexible like stickers but don't taste like stickers (thank goodness). They have a mild vanilla taste and are nut free, gluten free, dairy free and are made in the USA of a sugar base with FDA approved coloring.

COUNT: one pack with 2 sheets (24 edible stickers total)

TIPS: They adhere to any surface that has sugar and is mildly moist, working great on things such as buttercream and royal icing. When placing on royal icing do so right before the icing sets for best results. They also work on ice cream sandwiches, pancakes and brownies.

Stickies™ can be applied up to a day ahead of serving and can be refrigerated or frozen.

How To Decorate With Stickies™
  • Using clean, dry hands to gently peel off a sticker from the sheet
  • Apply directly to frosting, icing or any food surface with a touch of moisture
  • Add your favorite sprinkles and enjoy

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