Chefmaster Liqui-Gel: Leaf Green

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Bakers Party Shop carries Chefmaster Liqui-Gel leaf green food coloring. Use this classic leaf green gel color for coloring your cake decorating and cookie decorating projects. It's the perfect green for making leaves out of frosting! Chefmaster's gel food coloring is known throughout the baking industry for giving food a deep, vibrant color that will not fade over time. The Liqua-gels soft gel food coloring can be used for coloring icings, fondants, gum pastes, batters, cake frosting and more. Liqua-Gel's are formulated to give your icing the color you want without altering the taste, texture, or consistency of the finished product. How amazing is that?! If you are looking to color chocolate or candy melts you will need to purchase a bottle of Candy-flo to make it work. See all of the Chefmaster products we carry here. We carry a large selection of gel colors and oil based colorings that you can check out here

COUNT: 2.3oz bottle

Use just a few drops of Liqua-gel to achieve a vibrant color. For the best results, you should always add colors directly to other liquid ingredients and then mix together before combining with any solid components in the recipe.

TIP: Always store Chefmaster Liqua-gel food coloring in a dry, dark place to help maintain its color and consistency.

INFO: Vibrant Color, Fade-resistant, Tasteless, Vegan-friendly, Easy-to-use, Gluten-free, Kosher, Halal

Chefmasters® Liqua-gel food coloring is 100 percent food-safe, only ingredients which are generally recognized as safe or approved by the FDA are used to make it.

Liqua-gel food coloring is Kosher Certified, not derived from animals or animal products, and is made in the U.S.A 

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