Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks

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What’s a Truffadunkallow? So glad you asked! A Truffadunkallow, pronounced just like it looks (truff-a-dunk-allow), is a tasty truffle on a stick that you dunk into your hot chocolate! It's a truffle covered in chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, and soft, fluffy micro marshmallows. What could be better? Stirring it into a steaming mug of chocolatey hot cocoa on a cold day, that’s what! Truffadunkallows are for dunking, of course, but we won't tell if you want to just eat them! Follow along as we’re going to show you how to create your very own.

Truffadunkallow:' Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

What You’ll Need to make Truffadunkallows: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks:

Light Pink Candy Melts, 1 bag

White Candy Melts 2 oz, for drizzling

Nutella, Chocolate Sauce or other soft filling such as fluff, a truffle or caramel

Tall Truffle Chocolate Mold

Micro Marshmallows

Black Baker’s Twine

Wooden Coffee Stirrers

Cake Decorating Paintbrush

mini cupcake liners

Sprinkles, used in this post are:

Red Heart Sprinkles

Pink Heart Quin Sprinkles

Sparkling Sanding Sugar

Pink Jimmies

Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

Step One: Melt light pink candy melts according to package instructions.

Step Two: Fill Tall Truffle Mold about 1/3 full with pink candy melts using a bottle or a small spoon.

Step Three: Using a food safe paintbrush, carefully brush pink chocolate up the sides of the mold, as shown, to create a concave depression. This will be where the filling is placed. Be sure to coat the sides of the mold well. This may take two or even three times repeating this step.

Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

Step Four: Add a teaspoonful of chocolate sauce (or filling of your choice), to the center of the truffle mold, ensuring that no chocolate touches the sides of the mold.

Step Five: Fill the remainder of the truffle mold with additional pink candy melts, filling to the top of the mold. Tap gently on the counter top to remove air bubbles that may occur, then place the mold into the refrigerator for ten minutes, allowing the candy to set.

Step Six: Once the truffles have set, pop them out of the mold, and carefully insert a wood coffee stirrer stick into the top center, vertically. Get ready for my favorite part of all; decorating!

Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

Step 7: Gather your sprinkles and micro marshmallows; you’ll want to have them handy for this step! 

Step 8: Melt the white candy melts according to package instructions, and drizzle over the top of each truffle, creating varied lines. Sprinkle on various heart quins, nonpareils and sanding sugars to create gorgeous, colorful effects.

Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

Step Nine: Dip the bottom ¼ inch of the confection into the white candy melts, then dip into the micro marshmallows, covering all of that lower chocolate. These Truffadunkallows are as fun to make as they are to say!

Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

Decorate your completed Truffadunkallows by placing them atop a mini cupcake liner flipped inside out so the color-pattern shows. Add a darling bakers twine bow to complete the sweet Truffadunkallow truffle hot chocolate stick. You don’t need much else, except a mug of your favorite hot cocoa!

Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

So now that you learned how to make some fancy truffle hot chocolate sticks the next questions is when are you going to make some...and will you share?! These would make a Valentine's day gift! In a basket place a mug or two, some of your favorite hot chocolate or drinking chocolate and some of the Truffadunkallow truffle hot chocolate sticks. You have a perfect sweet treat for a cold winters day!

Happy cocoa dunking!
Christie, Esther & Shauna

This post was written, styled and photographed by Christie Troxell of Ritzy Parties for the Bakers Party Shop. Content and photo editing by Esther. If you share a photo from our post a link must be displayed back to this post and credit given to Ritzy Parties and The Bakers Party Shop. All photos in this post and content are copyright of Ritzy Parties/The Bakers Party Shop, All rights reserved 2018.

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Truffadunkallow: Truffle Hot Chocolate Sticks |

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