Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies


These Merry Mermaid Christmas cookies are swimming up to say, “Have a Fin-tastic Christmas”. With their brightly colored mermaid tails iced in prettily tinted royal icing and sweet holiday sprinkles, who can resist taking a dip with these Christmas sugar cookie gals?

Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |

We're so excited to share how to make these unconventional holiday cookies and to let you know they are part of a fantastic Holiday Party Hop that is hosted and starts on Mirabelle Creations blog. A fabulous group of creative party ladies joined up to share with you all kinds of holiday inspiration. Those that have hopped over from Bird's Party Pink Cranberry Cake, welcome and be prepared, we have another sweet for you!  We hope you hop through all of the posts to see crafts, recipes, tips and decorating ideas fro Christmas and the holiday season! Now let us help you get your merry mermaid on!

Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |

Mermaid Cookies for Christmas?

Absolutely! The magic of the Christmas season is for everyone, even bubbly ladies who live under the sea. These mermaid Christmas cookies can be decorated in countless ways, and are an especially beautiful enhancement for a coastal Christmas theme. They’re also a charming and welcome addition to a holiday cookie exchange or class party. Gathering friends for a cookie decorating party is so much fun, just bake up a batch of mermaids, seahorses and mermaid tails ahead of time. Everyone will love diving into trays of sprinkles and royal icing to decorate these delectable mermaid treats. Oh what fun it is to create an enchanting mermaid cookie set!

Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |

How to Make Mermaid Sugar Cookies

Step 1. Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe that works well for cut out cookies. Use a Mermaid Cookie Cutter, a Mermaid Tail Cookie Cutter, and a Seahorse Cutter to coordinate with the Merry Little Mermaid theme. Roll the sugar cookie dough out to a thickness of about a quarter inch, (but not less), to avoid breakage.

Step 2. Cut your cookies out and place them on a lined baking sheet, about an inch apart. While they’re in the oven, you’ll want to peek at them to be sure they are baked until the edges begin to turn light golden brown. This will ensure your sugar cookies are firm enough to hold their shape, and not crack easily. When they’re done, carefully move them to a baking rack to cool.

Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |

How to Decorate Merry Little Mermaid Christmas Sugar Cookies

Skill level: Intermediate

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |

Step 1. Place your baked cookies on a piece of parchment paper. Mix up your favorite royal icing recipe, and create a color palette, dividing each into icing applicator bottles or piping bags. We suggest working with three to four colors for tails, one or two skin tones, two colors for the mermaid hair, and white for piping on fluffy details. For these Merry Little Mermaid tails, we used Red, Mint Green Aqua and Pink. Hair was created in yellow and red, and our skin tone was a golden peach color.

Step 2. The mermaid sugar cookies are decorated in a few steps. Place the cookie you are decorating on a small piece of parchment. Pipe a line of icing to trace around the tail. Repeat this for the hair and the skin tone areas. Then allow these areas to set up for a few minutes.

Once set for a minute or two, you can fill in these areas with more icing, using a cookie scribe to remove air bubbles that may occur. Add snowflake sprinkles and quins to create Christmas crowns for your mermaids, and festive detail to their mermaid tails. Leave some solid, as well; they look lovely just piped with white fluffy frosting around the edges.

Merry Memaid Christmas Cookies |

Step 3. The mermaid tail cookies are first iced in solid colors, by piping the edges, allowing them to set for a few minutes, and then filling in with royal icing. Once the royal icing has set for five to ten minutes, another layer of details can be added to create the look of mermaid scales or patterns. Edible art paint can also be used to detail the mermaid tail sugar cookies, and provides a very elegant shimmering look to the goodies. Fluffy white icing can be used to edge the top of the tail. This resembles a Santa hat with fur.

Step 4. For the seahorse cookies, first pipe a line around the border of the cookie, and allow to set for a minute or two. Fill in the rest of the cookie with icing, and dot in the eye while it is still wet. This will allow the icing to meld together seamlessly. Additional details and even sprinkles and edible glitter can be added in another layer, if you like.

Step 5. Once all the icing, sprinkles and glitter have been applied, allow the cookies to dry overnight. If you like, you can add facial details and hair highlights using edible art paint, and allow to dry thoroughly before packaging up the treats.

Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |

These Merry Little Mermaid cookies are so festive, we could flip! Mermaid tails can be inverted into cupcakes iced with white buttercream as toppers; they’ll appear as though they are diving into fresh snowfall. Seahorses can be packaged with mermaids to create darling sets for gift giving, party table favors, or edible stocking stuffers. Use snowflake cellophane bags tied with bakers twine for easy and beautiful gifting.

Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to create these merry, bright and bubbly Mermaid Christmas Cookies. It’s a fun twist on tradition that’s as tasty as it is whimsical! Head to Sarah Sofia Productions to get holiday entertaining, party and home decor inspiration. She's up next on our #HolidayPartyHop and we have lots more inspiration to share with you to help make your holidays easy!

Cheers and happy holiday baking season!
Christie, Esther & Shauna

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Merry Mermaid Christmas Cookies |


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