Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint

This week we're sharing tutorial on how to make gilded fall chocolates using Edible Art Paint by guest contributor Christie of Ritzy Parties. Christie creates elegant and fun party displays and events. She often creates and decorates sweets to incorporate into her displays creating delicious details. We're tickled when she wanted to share her beautiful DIY gold leaf chocolate party favors with our readers. Besides making to gift, the fall leaves and acorn chocolates look lovely adorning place settings at a Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving celebration.

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

Making chocolate favors for fall events is one of my favorite traditions. They’re a delicious and decorative party favor that never gets left behind. Last year, I tried my hand at some white chocolate covered leaves, and they turned out so pretty! This time I thought I would try something new, and artfully apply some gold edible art paint to my chocolates to give them a gilded look.

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

I’m so glad my friends at the Bakers Party Shop carry such a wide selection of candy molds for parties and holidays. When I began to think about my holiday candy making, I knew I would be looking for cute, seasonal fall chocolate molds, or even Thanksgiving chocolate molds. Without a doubt, the finished fall treats would be a beautiful accent on my Thanksgiving table, and serve as a lovely edible favor for each family member. I selected an acorn and leaf mold and set off to gather my supplies.

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

Gilded Fall Chocolates Supply List:

White Chocolate Almond Bark or Ghirardeli Candy Melts

Milk Chocolate Almond Bark or Ghirardeli Candy Melts

Metallic Edible Art Paint in Sunkissed Gold

Wilton Cake Decorating Brushes

Acorn and Leaf Mold

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

The Acorn and Leaf Mold is quite simple to use. Fill the two shapes with white or milk chocolate, carefully tap the mold on your table top carefully to remove any air bubbles. You will see the bubbles rise to the surface of the chocolates. Doing this helps to makes sure your chocolate gets in every detail of your mold. The molds are also deep enough that if you wanted to add a truffle or caramel filling it would be easy to do without compromising the appearance of the chocolate. What a tasty surprise that would be!

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

An easy way to elevate even the simplest dessert is to add a little bit of Edible Art Paint. My favorite go to color for instant glam is Sunkissed Gold metallic edible art paint. It’s one of my favorite ways to really dial up the elegance on everything from chocolates to rock candy, and even iced cookies. For my gilded fall chocolates I planned to use gold to enhance the acorns and leaves.

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

Tips For Painting on Chocolate using Edible Art Paint:

When trying a new technique we always recommend making more than you need, so you have a few to practice on. To get the metallic paint to adhere to your chocolate wipe the surface of the chocolate with a soft paper towel to remove the sheen. You can also use a fluffy brush to dry brush the chocolate gently until the reflection is gone. This helps the paint stick to the surface instead of beading up on it. A couple coats, with letting the paint dry between coats, produced the best results for this application. If the paint is beading up and not sticking in some spots, it’s an indication that the surface still has too much sheen to it.

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

Begin by shaking the edible paint bottle well, as the contents tend to settle quickly when stored. I like to use a small paint palette when working with these fun paints, it helps me to see what I’m working with, and not have to keep adding from the bottle.

Paint just the textured portion of the acorn chocolate with gold paint. The shimmer and shine that the edible art paint gives to these handmade chocolates is amazing. They look like they were purchased from an expensive candy store! This gilded chocolate technique can be done by anyone. We hope you try it! For those that want to take their chocolate decorating to the next level see our part two post where I teach you how to add a pretty branch and flower detail to acorn chocolates. Head over to our Painted Chocolate Party Favors Using Edible Art Paint post to learn how.

Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

We hope you've enjoyed learning how to make Christie's gilded fall chocolates using edible art paint. For an intermediate chocolate painting technique you can learn how to paint flowers on your acorn chocolates. We'd love to see your candy making and if you give this a try. Tag us on social at "@bakerspartyshop #BPSsweetie" so we can see and share your sweet creations! Head to @bakerspartyshop on Instagram for videos and behind the scenes fun on our feed and in our stories.

Happy fall y'all!

Christie, Esther & Shauna

This post was written, styled and photographed by Christie Troxell of Ritzy Parties for Bakers Party Shop. Forward and photo editing by Esther. If you share a photo from our post a link must be displayed back to this post and credit given to Ritzy Parties and Bakers Party Shop. All photos in this post and content are copyright of Ritzy Parties - Bakers Party Shop, All rights reserved 2018.

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Gilded Fall Chocolates Using Edible Art Paint |

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